Compare ENDURO ABEC 3 Bearings with any other brand of ABEC 3 bearing.  Nobody can approach our specifications anywhere near our price... 

What Does ABEC 3 Mean?  ABEC ratings are standards which require each bearing to pass many tests in order to meet the scheduled requirements.  This includes noise testing at high RPM, extremely tight tolerances for the internal diameter, outer diameter, roundness of ball, trueness of races, and surface finish of all of the above. The ABEC 3 rating is a good rating for use in bicycles.  The ABEC standards increase as the number goes up.  In other words, ABEC 5 is a higher standard than ABEC 3, even though only differing by 2 digits in rating.  
THE BALLS are made from chromium steel. These high precision Grade 10 balls are 10/1,000,000” from exactly round in sphericity. For comparison, Shimano and Campagnolo use grade 25 balls in their top-level components.  When talking ball grade, the smaller the number, the "rounder" the ball. 
THE RACES are vacuum de-gassed 52100 high carbon chromium alloy steel, hardened to Rockwell C-62.
THE RETAINERS are riveted steel for superior strength. 
THE SEALS  will be LLU or LLB: 2RS literally means Two Rubber Seals. Many bearing manufacturers use the "2RS" designation to indicate that their seal is made from rubber and has one sealing lip rubbing on any flat part of the inner race. For us, 2RS means a proper rubber seal on each side of the bearing. On the ABEC 3 series, the seals are either LLB (well suited for hubs) or LLU (better for suspension pivots). 

LLU:  A full contact, dual lip seal riding in a groove on the inner race. With more sealing pressure, these are ideal for pivots or headsets that continually come in contact with dirt, sweat, and dust. The increased seal pressure and 2 lips help retain the 90% grease fill we use on these bearings to better displace any moisture and continually lubricate the balls and races.



LLB: Enduro's most popular seal type, this is a Nitrile material rubber with a steel insert. Rather than the standard 2RS type seal, this design goes a step further by machining a groove into the inner race where the seal can rotate with better efficiency and less rolling resistance. Rather than one thick seal lip rubbing on a blunt surface, LLB type utilizes two razor thin sealing lips riding in the groove with light contact. The outside lip keeps the water and contaminates out, while the inner seal retains the grease for smooth function and long intervals between servicing. 

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