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December 2013

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New RWC External Cup BB30 Bottom Brackets
and New Installation and Removal Tool
July 2013
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Our new BB30 External Cup Bottom Brackets are ideal for running e13 cranksets, Zipp VumaQuad cranksets, Rotor 3D+ cranksets, Lightning and THM cranksets that use 30mm spindles and external bearing cups.  Please note that this bottom bracket is for use with BSA/English threaded bottom bracket shells in combination with 30mm spindled cranksets designed for use with outboard cups.  They are available with many bearing options, from angular contact chromium steel through our top-of-line XD-15 ceramic hybrid offerings.  As pictured, we also offer many color choices.
For installing, torqueing, and removing our new External BB30 bottom brackets, please be sure and check out our new External BB30 Cup Wrench:     


Our "BB30CT" has the following features: 
--Reversible design that allows flush or recessed engagement of the wrench teeth with the cup notches for optimum grip depending on use of cup spacers, etc.. 
--Offset "crows foot" socket drive allows for the proper use of a torque wrench and a ratchet drive tool.  Unlike deep socket tools, the drive is in line with the cup, allowing full torque to be applied without the tool shifting or slipping. Snapping the RWC tool onto a torque wrench at a 90-degree angle allows for precision torqueing of the cups.
--The open design of the RWC BB Cup Tool allows the mechanic to visually verify proper engagement of the tool to prevent damage to the bearing cup.  
--The wide profile and precision fit of our cup tool "teeth" prevent the burring of cup notches caused by thin, stamped-steel wrenches.
--The ergonomic shape provides a comfortable fit in the hand while the custom edges and light bead-blasted and anodized finish provide enough grip to prevent dropping even when using the copious amounts of grease required for servicing bottom brackets. 

New From RWC: Angular Contact SRAM GXP Bearing Kit for Wilier BB94!
April 2013

This kit is for running a SRAM "GXP" crank set on your Wilier BB94 frame. This is all you need for upgrading your existing bearings or for switching from a Shimano HT2 crank to a SRAM GXP crank.  Includes everything you need except the crank set.  Bearings are ABEC 5 ANGULAR CONTACT sealed cartridge bearings by ENDURO.  As required by the BB94 bottom bracket shell, the non-drive side bearing comes with an integrated 6061 aluminum bearing shield and inner race extender.  The kit also includes an aluminum-centered silicone seal and wave washer for the drive side.   Grade 10 steel ball bearings are matched with hardened chromium steel races. Packed with marine grade grease.  Please note that due to the proprietary nature of the Wilier BB94, that none of our other GXP bearing kits are compatible with the Wilier (they will fit into the shell, but the GXP crank set chain line will not be correct).   


A New and Better Way to Adapt BB30 to Shimano HT2 and SRAM GXP!
February 2013

At RWC, we have paired the machining precision of KCNC with Enduro Bearings to bring you the best BB30 to HT2 and GXP adapters available.  We have models to convert road and mountain applications, whether your BB30 shell is 68mm or 73mm.  The KCNC design offers several advantages, including optimum bearing placement on the crank set spindle.  The double O-ring seals on the "cups" ensure a positive, creak-free fit regardless of BB shell tolerance variations. Because the two halves thread together, when the bottom bracket is properly torqued, it becomes locked into place within the bottom bracket shell.  The aluminum body does not flex or distort under load. This also forms a solid barrier from moisture that may be trapped in the bottom bracket shell.

For road applications, frames with BB30 x 68mm bottom bracket shells can now run HT2 road cranks (Dura Ace, Ultegra, 105, etc.) and GXP road crank sets (Red, Force, Rival, etc.).

For mountain applications, frames with either BB30 x 68mm or BB30 x 73mm can now run HT2 mountain cranks (XTR, XT, SLX, etc.) and GXP mountain crank sets (XX, X0, X9, etc.).We have many bearing options, from Angular Contact Chromium Steel to the ZERO Series Ceramic Hybrid.

Finally--BOS 36mm Fork Seal Kits are Ready!
January 2013

We have received numerous requests for seal kits for the BOS Idylle forks.  At last we have finished production and kits are now available.  This kit will fit the entire Idylle series of forks, as well as the N'dee forks.  The kit includes dedicated oil seals and "Next Generation" Enduro wipers.  This kit is only available through this site or shops that purchase directly from RWC. Rates the ZERØ Pulleys as Most Efficient
November 2012

Ranked the number one pulley by independent tester!

We have always said these were the best, but it's nice to have that claim independently verified.  The complete details of the in-depth pulley testing battery are available (for a nominal fee) from  However, we are permitted to report that The Enduro ZERO pulleys came out on top.  The full report also includes extensive chain testing results.  Please click on the Fricton-Facts logo above for more information.  In the meantime, if you would like to gain up to 6 seconds per hour of racing, check out our pulley options from the drop down menu at the top of this page.
NOTE: Check out the new ENDURO/RWC 11-Tooth Pulley Sets, only available through Real World Cycling.  This kit covers nearly all 11-Tooth Pulley applications, including:


New BB92 X BB30 Adapter Bottom Bracket Kit
November 2012

Fitting a 30mm spindle into a "BB92" shell does not leave much room for the bearings--a challenge that has limited the use of BB30 cranks in such applications. By making outer race of these bearings into the "cup" and adding a second row of ball bearings, previous limitations have been overcome.  The result is a strong, smooth, and corrosion resistant bottom bracket.  The races and balls are 440C Stainless Steel.  

Please note that this adapter bottom bracket is designed for use with BB92 bottom bracket shells with a press-fit ID of 41mm.  Since BB92 bottom bracket shells are 92mm wide, you must use a BB30 crankset with a long enough spindle, such as the Rotor 3D+ crankset. 

New Headsets Options Available for 44mm Head Tubes
November 2012

This combination KCNC/RWC Headset is beautifully machined with both weight reduction and aesthetics in mind.  As an RWC exclusive, strength and durability are equally considered with Enduro stainless steel angular contact bearings as our choice for strength and corrosion resistant performance.  Two crown races are included to allow the use of a straight 1-1/8" steer tube or a tapered (1-1/2" x 1-1/8") steer tube.  This headset uses an internal cup on top and an external cup on the bottom.  An 1-1/8" Enduro stainless steel angular contact bearing is used in the upper cup, with a 1.5" Enduro stainless steel angular contact bearing in the lower, external cup.   This headset is designed for use in a 44mm (inside diameter) head tube.

The KCNC RADIANT KR2 Headset is beautifully machined with both weight reduction and aesthetics in mind.  As an RWC exclusive, Enduro stainless steel angular contact bearings are included for strength, corrosion-resistance, and performance.  The split crown race makes installation a breeze. 

Our revised Outboard Bottom Bracket Cup Tool is Now Available!
June 2010

Newly upgraded to fit all known outboard BB cup standards for cranks with 24mm and 25mm spindles (including the older, "fat" SRAM Blackbox).  Our Reversible Grip BB Cup Tool takes the place of three outboard BB cup tools by combining the best qualities of each while eliminating their respective shortcomings.  This one tool does the job of a flush-tooth BB cup socket tool, a recessed-tooth cup socket tool, and a stamped steel BB wrench. 
Because our BB tool is reversible, the drive splines that engage the cup notches can be used in their optimum position (flush or recessed) by simply flipping the tool over.  An offset "crows foot" socket drive allows for the proper use of a torque wrench and a ratchet drive tool.  Unlike deep socket tools, the drive is in line with the cup, allowing full torque to be applied without the tool shifting or slipping.

May 2012
Now with redesigned bearing guides for perfect bearing alignment.  Covering 15 bearing sizes, the BRT-5 Hub Bearing Press combines function, ergonomics, and aesthetics into one tool.  For 608 (also fits 6900), R6, R8, 6802 (also fits 609), 6803 (also fits MR1526), 6805, 6805 N, 6901, 6902, 6903, 6000, and 6001 bearings.


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Introducing the Enduro XD-15 Bottom Bracket.  World's Fastest and Toughest. 
January 2011

The XD-15 bottom bracket is the fastest and toughest bottom bracket available.  

XD-15 High Nitrogen Steel Alloy is 3.5 times more corrosion resistant than 440C Stainless Steel.   In the past, ceramic hybrid bearing manufacturers were faced with a choice in race materials: 1) Greater fatigue life of SAE52100 bearing steel for pairing with the extremely hard ceramic balls, or  2) Corrosion resistance of 440C stainless steel for use in harsh environments.  If they opted for the harder 52100 bearing steel, the intrusion of water would always be a threat to the races.  If they opted for 440C Stainless,  corrosion would become less of a threat at the expense of longevity.  The XD-15 not only combines the benefits of both, but EXCEEDS them on both counts.  Yes, much greater corrosion resistance than 440C and longer fatigue life than 52100 bearing steel.

XD-15 High Nitrogen Steel Alloy has a 40 percent higher load rating than SAE52100 bearing steel.  Ceramic hybrids made with 52100 steel races, while having a longer fatigue life than stainless, were still subject to premature wear when used with ceramic balls.  Of course the main claim of ceramic hybrids was less rolling resistance, resulting in greater speed and a more efficient transfer of the rider's output to actual forward momentum.  Wouldn't it be great to get this superior rolling quality while actually increasing longevity of the bearing?  Now you can.  XD-15 has an extremely fine grain structure which dramatically reduces the risk of failure under mechanical loading, lowers noise and vibration, and makes a perfect interface with ceramic balls.   Weak spots in bearing races due to grain structure flaws in traditional bearing metals are not present in XD-15, which has a homogeneous structure of finely dispersed carbonitrides, as opposed to large carbides concentrated at grain boundaries (which are vulnerable to corrosion and mechanical stressing). 

Grade 3 pure silicon nitride (SI3N4) ceramic balls are the best available.  These made-in-USA balls are Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) for a pore-free microstructure with micron-sized grains.  Reduced bearing friction from ceramic balls is a function of smooth surface finish.  The balls used in the XD-15 bottom bracket boast a surface finish of < 0.10 micro inch (< 0.003 micron). 

Angular contact bearings are a step forward in outboard bottom bracket design.  Why? Deep groove radial ball bearing cartridges are not designed to be "adjusted."  Any inward or outward pressure on the inner races put them out of alignment with the outer races, forcing the balls to ride up the side of the groove and exerting greater pressure on the races.  This results in increased friction and premature wear.  Since almost all outboad cranksets exert some inward pressure on the bearings when installed, it only makes sense to use a bearing designed specifically for such loads.   

Riding Enduro ZERØ Bearings to victory at the Tour de France
Updated July 28, 2009

Cycling News' James Huang was able to get a close up look at Alberto Contador's Astana Trek 6 Series Madone and visit with Alberto's mechanic.  Lurking inside the Trek proprietary BB90 bottom bracket was a pair of Enduro ZERŲ ceramic hybrid bearings.  Read the article and see additional pictures at
Check out our Madone-specific ZERŲ bearing kits for Shimano crank sets  HERE and check out our Madone-specific bearing kits for SRAM, Truvativ, and Bontrager crank sets  HERE and HERE .

Now Available!
Press-in Bottom Brackets for Road and Mountain Frames Using the BB86 and BB92 Standards
Posted April 11, 2009

Bottom Bracket "standards" are anything but "standard" these days...  A few manufacturers have recently adopted the Shimano composite press-in cups, designed for threadless 86mm, 86.5, 89.5mm, and 92mm wide bottom bracket shells.  We've had a lot of calls from customers who were less than happy with the bearing options of the OE bottom brackets.  Many complained of inherent drag in the sealing system as well.  We're now happy to report that our own press-in systems are ready and we've got what you've been asking for. 
First, rather than using cast composite cups, we machine our cups from Delrin. Because the bearings in this system are actually inside the BB shell, the roundness of the cups is crucial:  Any anomoly in the cup will put pressure on the bearing when pressed into the frame.  Where roundness is concerned, much more consistent results can be achieved by machining.  
Bearing choices range from ABEC 3 chromium steel, our "CH" series ceramic hybrid bearings using Grade 5 Silicone Nitride balls, and our ZERŲ ceramic hybrid series with Grade 3 Silicone Nitride balls. 
Our silicone seals provide a dependable "V-seal" at the spindle and a special low-drag lip seal at the cup. 
Check out the new mountain press-in bottom brackets HERE.
Check out the new road press-in bottom brackets HERE.

ESI® Silicone Grips taking the MTB Racing Circuit by Storm
Posted December 4, 2008

With grip that won't quit and superior shock absorbsion, it's no wonder team after team is switching to ESI Silicone Grips.  Speaking of racing, did we mention they were the lightest real grips available? 
Here are just a few of the teams and individual riders using ESI Silicone Grips:
 --CytoMax/KHS Team
--Trek Factory Teams
--Trek/VW Team
--New Cycling/Look Team
--Team PossAbilities
--NRL Racing Development Cycling Team
--Mary McConneloug
--Mike Broderick
--Jamie Whitmore
Check out the assortment of colors and sizes on our ESI SILICONE GRIPS page.

Updated September 30, 2008

FOX has been busy this last year... Let's start with the biggest news, the newly released TALAS III.  
There will no longer be an IFP (Independent Floating Piston) in the TALAS system.  Not only does this make the servicing of the TALAS air spring much easier, but it is also related to the new, more progressive air spring rate of the TALAS III system.  Fox is especially excited about the "improved midstroke support." 
No special "IFP Tool" will be required for the new system, and the somewhat tedious TALAS "clocking" procedure will no longer be necessary when the air spring is serviced. 
The new TALAS III system is for the 32 and 36 fork series.  Many of the TALAS II forks will be "upgradeable" to the TALAS III.  Like the TALAS II, the III has a three-position travel adjustment.  TALAS forks will be available in the following travel configurations:
140-120-100 (32 TALAS 140 R, RLC)
150-130-110 (32 TALAS 150 RLC)
160-130-100 (36 TALAS RC2,  R)
The 140mm 32 TALAS has a standard quick release option or the new "15QR" thru-axle. 
Another long-anticipated offering from Fox is a REMOTE LOCKOUT. This will be available on some select models.  It can be mounted vertically or horizonatally and requires a push on the "thumb lever" to lock the fork.  A quick bump on the side-mounted release button restores full travel.

Fox's new 15QR "thru axle" system is an alternative to competitors' "quick release" 20mm thru axle systems.  The standard has been developed in partnership with Shimano, and Marzocchi is also "on board" with it's "QR15." It introduces a third standard for hubs, but apparently most major wheel manufacturers plan on accomodating... 

Fox 15QR 15mm Thru Axle Lever

The Fox thru axle lever position can be controlled by "clocking" it with the set screw/clamp arrangement on the opposite side of the fork:

Fox 15QR 15mm QR Thru Axle

Marzocchi's version of the 15mm thru axle uses a more conventional looking nut on the side opposite the lever.  The nut snaps tightly into the lower casting of the fork, keeping it in place when the axle is removed.  The nut can be rotated to control final lever postion when tightened:  

Marzocchi QR15 15mm Thru Axle

The 15mm thru axle standard is claimed to be lighter than a "standard" 20mm thru axle.  However, ROCKSHOX says their 20mm "Maxle Lite" is lighter at 84 grams. 

Speaking of ROCKSHOX, the BOXXER is about to jump to the next level.  While one would expect growing the stanchion tube diameter to 35mm to produce greater stiffness, how about making it lighter while also improving the damping?  That's what we're promised in early 2009.  Having half of the "BOXXER" graphic on the stanchion tube looks pretty cool, too... 
"Light and stiff" is the mantra for the latest REBA and REVELATION models, as well.  Previously, these forks were only available in standard quick release models.  Now, both will be available with the "Maxle Lite" option.  REBA is now sporting "Power Bulges" (expanded diameter sections of the lowers that provide greater support for the bushings).  These design changes have allowed the available travel to also be increased.  Max travel option for REBA is 120mm and for the Revelation, 140mm.  This has led some to speculate that the PIKE may be going away.  I have it on very good authority that this is not the case, and that the PIKE will receive its own makeover in the future.  

New Offering: Manitou® Dorado® 30mm ENDURO® Fork Seal Kits
Posted July 2, 2008
Real World Cycling is happy to announce the release of our newest fork seal kit.  Many proud owners of the early Dorado forks have been patiently waiting for the release of this kit, which will fit all Manitou Dorado forks with 30mm stanchion tubes.  This includes the following Dorado forks:
  • All 2002 Dorado forks
  • All 2003 Dorado forks
  • 2004 Dorado "DH" forks

Please note that the 2004 MRD X-Works fork uses 32mm stanchions, as do all 2005 Dorado forks, and, therefore, these models are NOT compatible with the new seal kit.  (We will have a 32mm Dorado kit available at a later date.)

Our Dorado 30mm seal kit includes heavy-duty oil seals that will allow you upgrade your old grease-lubed fork to semi-bath oil lubrication for the ultimate performance boost.  

When removing your old wipers, the stock metal shims can be easily damaged.  This is no longer a problem, as our seal kit includes new metal shims that are pre-bonded to the wipers.  The Dorado 30mm Fork Seal Kit is available for purchase HERE  .  

Posted March 3, 2008
Real World Cycling is proud to announce the release, in limited sizes, of the "ZERŲ" line of ceramic hybrid bearings.  These are the finest ceramic hybrid bearings on the market today.  They feature Grade 3 ceramic balls manufactured in the USA.  We've added a rust-proof Magnetite finish to our hardened and cryogenically treated chromium steel races, and added dual-lip non-contact 
seals.  For more details on what makes the ZERŲ line the new standard in ceramic hybrid bearings, be sure and check out the  "ZERŲ" SPECIFICATIONS .  Check HERE  for available sizes (more sizes coming soon!). 
ZERØ Cartridge Bearing by Enduro
Posted February 9, 2008
The Madone®  frame is getting a lot of attention from serious roadies right now.  Consequently, many of you have been asking about ceramic hybrid upgrade bearings for the proprietary integrated bottom bracket.  We are happy to announce the release of several new Madone-specific ceramic hybrid bearing kits. 
If you are running a Shimano crank on your Madone and wish to upgrade to ceramic hybrid bearings, our:
supplies you with new ceramic hybrid bearings and Madone-specific silicone seals:
Click on photo to visit the Bottom Bracket page...
Ceramic Hybrid Upgrade for HT2 on Trek Madone

If you are running a SRAM or Bontrager crank on your Madone, you can upgrade your GXP integrated bottom bracket to ceramic hybrid bearings with our:

Ceramic Hybrid Madone GXP bearing kit

This kit includes new ceramic hybrid bearings and a new drive-side Madone-specific silicone seal.  This seal is the only other "hardware" subject to wear.  You will re-use your existing wave washer and stainless non-drive bearing cover.  If you wish to replace all of your GXP hardware, see the GXP "conversion kit" below. 
If you wish to convert to a SRAM or Bontrager crank from a different brand, you will need the additional hardware that comes with our:

Ceramic hybrid GXP Conversion Kit for Madone

If you are still not sure what you need, please feel free to call or send us an email!

Posted November 21, 2007
Changing BB30 (Cannondale SI/Specialized S-Works) bearings has never been easier now that the ENDURO BB30 Puller/Press Tool is here.  Forget punches, hammers, and improvised "presses."  Quickly and smoothly change the bearings without risk of damage to the frame or the bearings.  Available for direct purchase on our BEARING TOOLS page. 

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